The Contenders

The Best of the Best! The qualified finalist for the 2018 Good Hands Finals will be posted monthly from May to October as the show season progresses. This group of elite young equestrians from across the country have qualified to compete in The 2018 Good Hands Junior Exhibitor Finals.  If you are a qualified Adult Finals Competitor, please get in touch with us via email at so we can start a list of Adult Contenders as well!


Congratulations to all 2018 competitors for their incredible performance. Below are the results for the Junior Exhibitor and Adult 2018 Good Hands Finals.

Final Results for the 2018 Junior Exhibitor Good Hands Finals:

1. Haley Berget

2. Alayna Applegate

3. Ellie Grosspietch

4. Michael Arquilla

5. Gabriella Costantini

6.  Gabriella Snyder

7. Lauren Beck

8. Dawson Archibald

9. Kaylee Atkinson

10. Hallie Ricci


Final Results for the 2018 Adult Good Hands Finals:

1. Victoria Walz

2. Lauren Arquilla

3. Helena Moreno

4. Katie Fleming

5. Dr John Stutts

6. Catherine Bernthal