A Big Thank You To Our Official Sponsor

This past year, our final has seen two major changes. First, it has a new owner:  Mid-America Horse Show Association, and a new name:  The Good Hands. Second, our final has a new facet entirely: the Good Hands Adult Finals.

Throughout these changes, a constant for the Good Hands Finals has been the generous and fervent support of our official sponsor, the National Horseman.

Allison Lambert and her amazing team have been a huge asset, bringing more creativity and innovation to our final than we could have hoped for since signing on with The Good Hands Finals in 2014. Not only has the National Horseman’s support helped this final flourish for the Junior Exhibitor riders, it has allowed us to grow to the point of offering the new Good Hands Adult Finals.

This year, with the inaugural Good Hands Adult Finals, our committee hopes to once again prove The Good Hands worthy of its historic prestige.  We also would like to recognize the incredible support offered to us–not only to our Good Hands Finals committee and the final itself, but most importantly of all to the exhibitors–by the National Horseman.

It has been The Good Hands Finals committee’s personal pleasure to see each of The Good Hands qualified riders be given the opportunity to participate in National Horseman’s magazine as a group, showing once more the power of Saddle Seat Equitation in bringing competitors together as peers.  Allison’s hands-on assistance has made this year’s expanded program a collaborative effort, bringing more minds, more ideas and more fun to the table for all!

From all of us on the Good Hands committee and Mid-America, to Allison Lambert, her staff, and the National Horseman Magazine as an industry leading publication, thank you.  Thank you for all we have and will accomplish together as a team!

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