The Good Hands final at Mane Event

Good Luck Equitation Riders!

As you stroll down Stopher’s Walk toward the arena, trainer by your side and partner in Equitation beneath you, breathe easy.  While you wait for the in-gate to swing open this evening at Freedom Hall, let all of your winter training rush over you.  As your chest tightens and heart rate quickens as they sound the call, you hit the green shavings with perfect form and a trot worth envying, know that we are thinking of you and wishing you the BEST of luck in your Equitation WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP tonight.  Most important of all know that, among a pool of the World’s best of the best in equitation,  regardless of your ribbon or any mistakes made, it’s about the ride.  As we have all heard from our trainers, “Ride your ride.”

If you haven’t seen the Good Hands Committee yet this week, you definitely will today.  Our team, as our Facebook Fans already know, is running around personally inviting all GH qualified Equitation Athletes to our Finals October 23-26 at the Mane Event horse show, but that’s not what is important about today.

While we certainly care about our qualified athletes, we care more about the industry’s athletes and those working to better themselves, improve their skill and improve their spirit (perhaps becoming one of our qualified athletes in the future).  Today is the big day!  Good luck to one and all, ride your ride, have fun, live in the moment, and recognize honor that is being chosen to perform with the best in the world in your division and your sport, and support and love one another.




The Good Hands Committee


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