Exhibitor Interviews: Nick Maupin, The Good Hands Final 2010 Champion and Triple Crown Winner; By Jenna Winquist

Jenna: These equitation finals are not just a brief portion of your life that are left behind only to be reminisced. Often times, they can truly make an impact on a person’s life. How do you think these equitation finals left their mark on you?

Nick: If I were to use one word to illustrate the mark equitation and these national finals left on me, it would be tenacity. The ability to remain persistent on the goals I set for myself in equitation has translated directly into my scholastic and professional career. Beyond the physical endurance required during the two months encompassing these finals, there was a very necessary mental fortitude. Ultimately, these conditions left me with a more determined attitude about the challenges I take on in my life outside of the equestrian world.


Nick Maupin and CH Eq Coco Mojo from Left to Right: Melissa Maupin, Mother; Scott and Carol Matton, Trainers

Jenna: If you were to do it again, would you change anything or do anything differently?

Nick: There is not a noteworthy part of my Triple Crown experience I would change. I made the conscious decision before my 16-year-old year to have it be my last due to the impeding aspect of college life that would come in my 17-year-old year. This choice gave me a real peace of mind that ultimately helped my horse and me throughout the year. Prior to the finals that year, I was already highly content with my equitation career and what I had accomplished with my incredibly talented horse — the Triple Crown was icing on the cake. As for a word of advice from this, I would say that the finals will be much easier to mentally handle if you recognize and appreciate the aspects you have control of while remaining stoic about the rest.


Nick Maupin and CH Eq Coco Mojo

Jenna: What were some of your greatest memories while competing in equitation?

Nick: My reserve title in the UPHA Junior Challenge Cup during my first year out of equitation with my first horse, Oh What a Feeling, will always be memorable for me. He would consistently test my abilities, but he always had a way of pulling through for me when I needed him to. Beyond that, winning my age group at Louisville and taking reserve in the UPHA Challenge Cup with Coco Mojo in his 4-year-old year was incredible. As mentally grueling as the finals are for the riders, it is undeniably more difficult for such a young horse, and Mojo pulled through remarkably. Any class with him was just as rewarding as the last. I will absolutely never forget the moment I came back up the ramp of Kemper after my last pattern with Mojo, knowing we had just concluded our extraordinary journey together.

Photos owned and provided by Melissa Maupin

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