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“Equi-What? Equitation!” By Jenna Winquist

This year marks the 85th anniversary of the NHS Good Hands final soon to be held at the Mid-America Mane Event Horse Show this fall. The riders participating in this Saddleseat Equitation final are a rare group of America’s most talented equestrians to say the least. Yet, most people do not even understand the term “equitation final.” Equi-what? Equitation is a sport, as much as is football, baseball, soccer, or whatever other cliche sport comes to mind. Equitation is not as common as these sports, but it is just as difficult, and prestigious as any of them. To all of us horse lovers, equitation final is a very well known phrase. An equitation final means that you have made the cut, it means you have shown precision, persistence, and passion.

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