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Artic Horse Handmakes Hair Bows for All Good Hands Finals Qualified Riders, By Lindsay Shearman


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Artic Horse, an equestrian accessories provider, custom made 50 hair bows in three different styles for The Good Hands Finals qualified riders as an invitation to join in on the fun, the challenge, and the experience of the finals!  Each qualified rider already has a bow in hand and is invited to wear those bows while competing, should they wish!  Jodi Nelson, owner and hand-crafter of Artic Horse accessories, has a number of other products to offer GH Competitors!  The Committee wants to thank Jodi for her beautiful bows and for helping our competitors ride in style!  Below is a shot of two of the four gorgeous bow styles given to the riders at the 2014 Kentucky State Fair with their invitation packets.


GH Bow



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